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I want someone to hold me in the middle of the night and kiss my forehead. I want someone to actually care for me and help me through this. I just want someone to be here when I wake up struggling to breathe and vomiting from the chemo to rub my back and tell me I’m going to make it.

I’m tired of having cancer. I’m tired of not getting enough sleep, always weak, throwing up constantly, missing class because of it, can’t function as well as I used to. I want it to be over.

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That is not a disorder its a gift capnotter

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Shane from Silverstein. ^.^
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Forgive me padre for I have siiiiiiinned

I can’t believe someone made a fucking audio post for that stupid deer picture I made. this is unbelievable. I’ve reached a new level of sentience. I am unstoppable. I am the alpha and the omega.

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Beau Bokan from blessthefall and I.
I can’t even
you don’t understand
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Tonight was fucking amazing.

I met Beau Bokan from blessthefall and Shane from Silverstein. I got pictures with both of them and told them both about me battling Cancer currently. I nearly cried my eyes out and Beau was amazing and understanding about the whole situation. He was such a sweetheart and we took a lot of pictures. I am covered in blood, sweat, sprained my ankle in the pit, bruised up and sore, jumped around and sang until I lost my voice, tonight was fucking amazing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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